Sunday, August 28, 2011

Craftroom Redo

Finally finished up my craft room.  It started out as a lilac wall mess (although it will soon turn into a cream wall mess I'm sure, lol)

So painted it with the discarded guest room paint.  It ends up being a nice cream and not as peach in this room with the better lighting.  Plus I had to match the strange sage carpet.  Then I put up my la push beach picture.  It moves!  And then painted my tribal wolves.  I love love the wolves.  And the best part was I painted them.  By doing it myself and not buying wall vinyl, I saved probably $80-$100. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Simpsons Gag Wedding Gift

Anybody who's seen Simpson's will get this, otherwise don't worry if you're out of the loop.

Made these cufflinks for my brother for a gag gift for his wedding.  He absolutely adored them.  Laughed and laughed and not only did he get it right away, he actually knew the exact season it was from.

Made from polymer clay and then baked and attached to cufflinks.  Probably took around four hours.  A lot for a gag gift, but his reaction was plenty worth it.

Here's the picture from the episode for comparison.