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Marshmallow Cake

My 12 year old Slytherin girl is an exceptionally picky eater.  She won't really eat cake, won't eat ice cream unless it is homemade vanilla.  She lives on bread and cereal.  I actually had to say yesterday, "No, you can't make brownies, you didn't eat dinner.  You only ate twelve rolls for lunch!" and then laughed for five minutes when I realized what I said.  That story being said, she wouldn't want cake and ice cream for her birthday party.  For her last bday party I made her a giant Reece's Peanut Butter Cup which she adored.  This year her friend party is a bonfire with smores.  She made a side comment, "I want a candle on a marshmallow.  That can be my birthday cake."  But that stuck with me and I saw in my head this whole round marshmallow tier for a cake.  Then as I was developing it in my head I decided it needed a graham base and chocolate layer.  Thus, Marshmallow Cake was born!

No pic of the graham layer, but here's the ganac…
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Teacher Appreciation Week - Harry Potter Theme!

I got put in charge of our PTA's teacher appreciation week for our middle school.  I knew I wanted to make chocolate frogs for the teachers, so I suggested a book week theme with treats from different books.  But the president goes "chocolate frogs only one day?!  Why not a whole Harry Potter week??"  That was all the convincing I needed.  The whole family of mine are quite HP fanatics, and with a whole basement of HP memorabilia I figured a week would be a cinch.

Thus HP Teacher Appreciation Week was born.  Now because it was HP I went more into it than I think I would have and the teachers LOVED it.  I had soooo many comments about how exited the teachers were to come in to see the new products and get a treat.  I even had a few suggest this should be next years theme as well.  ....with all the praise I felt like I should have done more than just hang a few banners!  They really needed the pick me up.

Basic Store bought banner and a few decrees.  Sam…

Starry Night Painted Pumpkin

When I do pumpkins at Halloween, I always like to paint one super fancy.   Last year it was a Starry Night theme!  All hand painted.

Some in progress photos.

Close ups.

Harry Potter Valentine Box

When my teen was younger this was her Valentine's box for years.   Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters Valentines Box!
It's seriously too easy.   We got an old cereal box and cut the front three edges so it opened like the monster book. Hot glued fun fur over the outer walls.  We did just one piece from top to bottom. Cut a tongue and teeth from felt and hot glue on. Hot glue google eyes. For the "paper edges" for the book, I measured the box edges and cut cardstock to fit. I used a ruler and pen and just did as many straight lines as I could fit, to show the pages. Hot glued on the cereal box sides. Made a little tag that said whose Valentine's Box it was and glued it to the spine.
Just being a cereal box it lasted quite a while with girl taking so good care of it! care of magical creatures!

Hides golden snitch Valentines!