Sunday, May 5, 2013

Decorated Roll Cake

You guys gotta try this! It's a rolled cake, but the outside has been decorated. It's very fun! I've had to try a few times now.

I took this dessert to my neighborhood craft party and everyone loved it. They kept asking me how to make it. Something funny is that everyone knew I had brought it even before I said anything... I guess I go overboard with my desserts all the time, LOL.

I follow a blog called the breadgeek and she introduced me to the decorated cakes. Knew I had to try! You basically color a tiny bit of the batter and pipe it into a design before spreading the rest of the batter. I'm having a hard time with her specific cooking time-I've always needed a lot more time, but see what works for you.

I filled mine with whipped cream frosting, fresh strawberries and blueberries.

Then of course, I had to take it a step further.

Someone mentioned "too bad you can't roll a gluten free" and went Challenge accepted! I have to try that next!

So here's the Gluten free version!


I used the same recipe, I just used gluten free flour (1 cup) -- I like featherlite flour by Augason Farms, it's a mix of white rice, sweet rice, tapioca, and potato -- and a half teaspoon xanthan gum (makes the batter hold together better). I baked it probably closer to 10-11 minutes than her 6, and then left it in the pan for 3 minutes before I transferred it to roll.

Made the decorations mini hearts this time, thinking that this might be a flop I want to try and get it done easier than the swirls, but really the mini hearts were harder to do! So if you want to try, the bigger the design the better, or just dots, not hearts.


Then, since I knew Gluten free worked, I had to make my GF father in law one. Star Trek geeky gluten free with whipped cream filling. This time I tried two colors for the communicator badges. And... Best yet! I seriously had to really think hard to see if I used white flour instead of gf. I made it in the morning, and we ate it after dinner. I think the extra time let the cake suck in more moisture and lose the texture of the gf flour. Again, I love the featherlite!

And here's the latest. We like to celebrate weird holidays at our house. And celebrations need cake! So here's our star wars day cake.  This one is banana pudding and whipped cream with strawberries and was so good!  The pudding really adds flavor.  I still liked this one better after a few hours, I think these cakes do need some time to let the cake suck in the moisture.

~ You can even use words, but make sure the batter is a touch thicker and that you flip horizontal on your pattern.

Thanks for the inspiration Bread Geek!

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