Saturday, February 11, 2012

Harry Potter Party

Daughter has been on a big Harry Potter kick lately, and asked for a Potter Party for her bday.  So we did one and did it big!  Preparations took months, so this was not a last minute idea.  We had been finding items and making decorations since last Halloween.

Invitations came with their own personal owl:


Handmade wands for each person:

Transfigurations Class.  Transfiguring plain hogwart pictures into works of art.

Potions class.  Experiment #1 with troll bogies (dish soap), unicorn horn powder (glittered baking soda), and dragons blood (red dyed vinegar).  Experiment #2 Engorgio spell.  (ivory soap pieces in the microwave).  Experiment #3 to make your own potions.

Honeydukes Candy Shop:

They all had a blast!  And though it was a lot of work, it was worth it.  All the kids loved it.

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