Thursday, July 7, 2011

Strawberry and Raspberry Jam

I was down to my last jar of peach jam (dundundunnn) so I decided I needed to refill the jam supply.  Had some strawberries on their last leg in my fridge and a frozen block of raspberry puree in my freezer waiting to be jam-ized, so my fruit supply was already to go.  Washed up some jars, and picked two pectin boxes out of my year supply and I was ready!

If you are thinking about trying jam, go for it.  It's really easy, you just follow the instructions in the box.  Basic recipe is pectin, sugar, and fruit.  Sometimes lemon juice is needed for color, but both of mine didn't need it. 

Puree fruit
put in a large pot, heat on high
add pectin
bring to a rolling boil
add sugar
bring to a rolling boil
cook 1-4 minutes
ladle into jars
screw on tops
place upside down for 15ish minutes
place right side up and let sit overnight

Made 18 jars today.  And would have made more if I had extra jars.  It's a piece of cake!

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