Saturday, July 23, 2011

Guest Room Redo

My brother finally moved out so got my guestroom back!

Before the walls were a light blue which wouldn't have been too bad, but the previous owners decided to sponge it.  On top of the sponging they only did it a foot from the ceiling.  LOL!  So away with the blue!

Coming in the room, North Wall


South Wall

West Wall.  This is probably the best picture of the blue. 

In the process, we changed colors THREE times!  One was too peach with the blue carpet, one seemed to olive, third was just right.  A nice sweet cream.  We also pulled all the base boards and changed them from a raw wood to white.

You can see the transition colors here.  Yes, we let our girl's help paint and this is their work.

And into....

Closet, with my five gallon food storage buckets.
A small TV will be on this wall after we can get a mount.

The cabinets contain all of my canned food storage now. 
Across the top of the headboard will be three framed pictures of olden parchment constitutions.  That will have to wait until our next paychecks roll in though.
This photo shows the color the best. 

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